Good bye for now.

The Grooved Pavement world music show aired its final program on Wednesday, September 16th and will no longer be on WMUA 91.1 (or any radio broadcast) for the foreseeable future. Several matters affected this departure, yet overall the decision was made to close the show and resign due to the ongoing turmoil with the management at the station. I had a good run of six years as a volunteer DJ for WMUA, playing music that I loved and sharing it with you all, but its time to move onto other more positive and creative endeavors. Maybe in the future when everything has changed over – and being a student run station, it most certainly will – and if it returns to the platform and environment that it previously was, I might also return to doing a weekly program. But for now, its goodbye. Thanks for listening!

About emburke

Writer, music composer, avid researcher, founder & artistic director of Ishah 'El theatre arts collaborative, a non profit theatre organization founded in 2004 for the development, promotion & production of traditional theatre arts from other cultures (drama, music, dance & arts), adaptations & original works.
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